Building Inspection Summary of Fees and Time

(*estimate only must be verified with building inspector*)


(Fees vary based on size, age, and with condos/townhouses it depends on if you are just having the unit inspected or other things such as exterior building, roof, parkade, mechanical, common areas)

 Condos                                                      $320 +

 Townhouses                                             $420 +

 Houses                                                      $420 +

 * All Services Fees add GST

Time to allow for building inspections and client consultation

 Condo – Hi rise                                        2 hr

 Condo – Woodframe                             2 ¼ hr

 Townhome                                               2 ¾ hr

 House                                                        2 ¾ to 3 ½ hr

(inspection could take longer depending on size, type of structure, etc.,)

 Consultation with client                        ½ to ¾ hr
(done after inspection completed)